Oil Change - How To

First locate the "Dip Stick", this is the measuring stick that is used to identify howmuch oil is in the engine.
Generally this will have a large ring on the top of the stck to all you to pull the stick out. Refer to your car manual for locating the "dip stick" if in doubt.
With a clean cloth clean off any traces of oil or dirt from the dip stick
Replace the stick from where it was removed and wait two seconds.
Remove the stick once again, using a cloth for a back ground look for traces of oil at the bottom of the stick. Depending on how recent the oil change was will depend on the colour tone of the oil. The longer the oil change the darker the oil.
All dip sticks will have a maximum and minimum levels, sometimes these can be in the form of groves etches out of the edge. Ensure your oil levels are within reasonable tolerences of the marks indicated.
Top up if required with the oil recommended by your car manufacturer.